Computer Department

The Emergence of Computer Engineering Department

Globally, computers and Software engineering started since 1975 as a specialized branch within the department of Electronics and Electrical communications in the bachelor stage, but as a separate form in postgraduate study (master degree in electronics and communications for computers and information technology). As computers developed and spread widely in different fields of application as well as the tremendous growth of many companies and institutions working in this band, some international universities started in 1991 to think about originating a separate department and a student class for computers engineering. The department of computer and software engineering was founded in 2002-2003 as "Information Technology”, but in 2003-2004, the name was changed to "Computer and Software Engineering". Then in 2015-2016, the name was also change to "Computer Engineering". This department aimed at graduating competent engineers in their fields of specialization to contribute in developing the country and the governorate
Scientific Research

Department is constantly striving to communicate with modern scientific developments in the field of computers. Such approach will lead eventually to the development of the curriculum of our department on an ongoing basis. Department seeks to improve its academic, research and technical staff through sending them to workshops, training within and outside the country to catch last advances in the field of computers and software deployment. Department seeks to send academic staff to obtain a master's and doctorate degrees from the best universities in the world in order to achieve the scientific sobriety for college.