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A teaching staff member from the C0llege of Engineering contributes to the publication of a book on creep...

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Researcher (Dr. Wissam Saadoun Ibrahim), is a faculty member in the Department of Materials Engineering at the College of Engineering, University of Diyala. He contributed a book chapter in a book which has been published by ELSEVIER in collaboration with researchers from Australia, Italy, India, Chile, China, and Japan. The chapter title is:


Modeling, analysis and examination of viscous properties of composite materials composed of memory polymers, and a brief review of their applications in space engineering




This chapter deals with shape memory polymers, which is a new class of smart polymers that have a unique ability to experience significant deformation and then regain their shape. The need for these smart and light materials has increased with increased interest in space exploration. In this chapter the technique of modeling and simulation by finite elements of the mechanical and thermal behavior of these fiber-reinforced polymers was introduced. Nonlinear effect due to large deformations was considered. In addition, the chapter deals with a review of their applications in aerospace engineering. The chapter is a part of a book entitled Creep and Fatigue in Polymer Matrix Composites which reviews some of the experimental and theoretical methods that deal with creep and fatigue in polymeric composites. The book is divided into three main parts, the first part entirely dedicated to time-based models. The second part deals with mechanical failure resulting from fatigue and crawling. The third part discusses the interaction between the above types of failure.

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